Desert Walls, Map 01

So today we're gonna take a look at the walls of the first map of the new desert area that will be put into the game eventually! Making these walls took much more time than I wished, but as with everything, it got faster the more I did.

Above you can see that I've put out some pre-made pieces from yesterday's post in the lower part of "Map01" of the desert. All the remaining parts of the wall need to be painted, whew! 

Below you can see a WIP of sorts of how I'm making the edges around each plateau: 

As you can see, it's very basic. Just sketch some very rough stones, full them with a single color, then add shades. It's the exact same method I use for painting the bigger rocks, and pretty much everything else in the game!

Once all the rocks have been painted in, the bottom half of the map looks like this: 

Time to move on to the top half! Using the exact same method, I add whatever finished pieces I have, then fill out everything else by painting new rocks. Check it out: 
All the premade pieces added to the top half!
The top half after 10,000 hours of painting rocks! Wohoo!
Finally, Map01 is done! Time to move on to Map02... ;)
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