Desert Walls, Map 02

Last week I showed how I've added walls to Map01 of the new desert area! This post is about adding walls to Map02... Yes, pretty much the same stuff! In this post, however, I will focus more on before-and-afters of each segment I work on. Have a look: 

Above is the map with each premade piece added. I've painted red arrows wherever I need to fill in rocks.

Above is the first major section I worked on! The above screen shows what it looks like before I start editing, the lower one shows the "finished" version. Part of the wall will be above a little stream of water, which is why I made it longer than the rest in the lower part.

As for the rest, they're really just a bunch of before and after pics, showing you where I've had to build new rocks to connect the pieces that were already made. Enjoy!

Finished version, showing all the walls of Map02!

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