Desert Walls, Map 03

Time to leap back to the desert for a bit, and a third map to add walls to! Getting tired of that yet? Let me tell you, it's kind of incredible how tired I get after painting rocks all day, hence the small break from the desert areas... :)

This time around, since we haven't added a whole lot of the map yet (still unsure what exactly the left part of the map will look like), I won't be doing too much rock painting, I hope! 

Like with the previous maps, I start off by copying rocks I already completed to places where I think they would fit. Since this is the third map, it means a lot more of the map is covered with pre-made rocks, and I'll spend more time stitching together these pieces rather than creating huge chunks of the rock walls.

Below you can see my progress doing exactly that, with before- and after version of each part of the walls:

In the end, this is what it looks like for now:

It might not look like much, but just wait until we fill these maps with decorations! Which, actually, I'll be working on next, so here goes! :D
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