Evergrind City Fair

As I mentioned a few posts ago, what happens after the Temple of Seasons is a little fair/festival held in Evergrind City. When we first came up with this idea, we thought it would be cool to be able to run around the entire city, which would be decorated and host a series of mini-games in which you could partake whenever you wanted. 

However, to save loads of time and streamline this part a bit better (the entire point of this fair-thing is simply to enhance your 'relationship' with two of the NPCs in the game), we decided against that, and instead you'll play three different mini-games that will take place one after the other between a couple of cutscenes. 

The areas where the mini-games will be held can be seen below, as marked by "camera mockups" which show approx how big one window of the game is, as well as where the GUI and dialogue appears:

The "first" (we haven't actually decided in which order these evens will happen) mini-game will be a fighting challenge, where you have to deal as much damage as you can to your designated training-dummy. It will be held outside the Dojo, as seen below:

The second part is a running contest, where you wanna run as fast as you can, probably through some button-mashing mechanic. This will be held where the market stands usually are, along the main road of Evergrind City:

The third mini-game will be a fishing challenge, where you, your friends and the two NPC will attempt to catch fishes in barrels. This event will take place right next to the hat store:

The evening effect and lighting is simply something I've been playing around with in photoshop and probably won't resemble much of what it will look like in the game, but it gives you an idea of the kind of mood we're aiming for. We also want there to be confetti falling through the air, and probably some suitably festive song playing in the background..

But all in good time! The temple needs to be completely finished first... :)

Evergrind City, Festival/Fair/Evening version!

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  1. Неожиданно 0о

  2. A suggestion for the three minigames:

    Maybe have some red light / green light mechanic for the dojo dummy, where it can be be lined with ice and slow players who attack during that timeframe, slowing their DPS as a result? That would be interesting.

    As for the button mashing one, my fingers have never been good at rapidly hammering buttons in succession. :P Couldn't it be something similar to the pet catching minigame, where you have to press specific buttons in rhythm with something to race forward and failure means stumbling or getting stunned?

    1. Thanks, that's some really neat ideas! :)
      We haven't worked out exactly how these things will work, but your suggestions sure seem like viable options to spice things up a bit :D

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