Hat Making

Other than items & equipment, there's one more thing you can't have too many of: hats! So today I've spend some time creating a lot of new hats for your character to wear. 

Here's a bunch of them, starting with a classic beret: 

Ever dreamt of being Gandalf, a mighty viking or simply a frail old man? With this large beard, your dreams might come true!

What game is complete without a jester? Well, since there ain't one in the game so far, you might as well take the job into your own hands with this jester hat!

This hat was a bit too wide to fit side-by side on the mannequin without overlapping, so in this preview you'll only see the hat from two angles:

Another classic, a flower in your hair, for those sweet summer days that are sure to come soon (alright, I know it's only February, but a girl can dream, right?):

Playboy girls, Battle Bunny Riven and plenty of furry friends all love the wear this hat, which has become a popular sight in many different games. I speak of course of the rabbit ears:

While the haircolor of the mannequin is unfortunate for this hat (man, they really melt together bad T_T), it's quite wondrous how you can make new hats just from taking a hairband and adding a bunch of Pecko feathers:

Oh yeah, speaking of Gandalf, this might be a bit too modern for his taste, but perhaps it's still able to suit your wizard needs:

And then, there's this... Which I really have no idea about. It just... Well it just got drawn, really. Enjoy: 
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