Items, Equipment, Money, and Books!

Today I've been working on a bunch of items for you to find in the game! We can't ever have too many items, after all - there are plenty of chests that still don't have proper loot, not to mention we need a wider selection of equipment to suit many different character builds.

Here's a random bunch of the drops I've made: 

Most of these are equips of different kinds. Some might be easy to guess what they are, some might be more mysterious. As to where you'll find or how you'll craft these items, nothing has been decided just yet, for now they're just available where we feel we need them the most. 

While on the subject, I don't know whether I talked about these yet or not, but I thought it might be nice to remind people of these little gems (hehe) which we may or may not have teased over at the official devblog somtime: 

The gemstones above aren't in the game yet, but once they have been added, they will serve as means to give the player some extra money (or perhaps be used to craft things that need to be enhanced by stones, such as rings or certain rods).

Each gemstone will be sold at a different price, though we haven't decided exactly how much yet. Economy in Grindea is a quite complex subject - we don't want there to be too much money floating around, with nothing to use it for, but we also don't want there to be items nobody even considers buying because money is simply too scarce. 

I feel this money problem is something that a lot of games struggle with, so it'll be a challenge for us to try to get it right. In the last game I played (Dragon Age: Inquisition) I felt like everything was so dang expensive (at least any equipment that was actually good), that I couldn't possibly afford it, and once I finished the game I had found way better equips anyway, so when I finally could afford the 'great things', they simply weren't good enough anymore, haha! 

Anyway! Lastly (for this post at least), I've been making a set of 10 books:

I really like "collection-quests" where you aim to find x sets of items all across a game world in order to finish a quest, so of course a Collector-based game such as SoG needs at least a couple of those types of quests as well. These rare books will be scattered all over Grindea, and finding them all and bringing them back to the Evergrind Library will certainly grand you great rewards. ;)

We might even write some stories, or have a part 1-10 series of a single story for these tomes, that unlock as you find them. We do want to incorporate more of the Grindea lore to the game, and reading books might be one good way to do so :)
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