Mini-Boss Room Changes

In an upcoming patch, there will be a few changes to the mini-boss room! 

We have mentioned on the forums that we want some way of quick-traveling to the boss in the cases where you should leave the dungeon, so our solution was to add a vine that can be climbed from the mini-boss room directly to the boss room. 

In order to do this, we had to add a few things. First of all, there needed to be a patch from where the vines could grow, which was to be added to the winter- and summer- versions of the room:

Secondly we needed a third version of the room: an autumn version. Right now, Elder Summer turns the room into its summer version once you beat the mini-boss. However, with the added vines, that would mean you could climb directly to the boss without going through the dungeon.

So, in the upcoming patch, Elder Autumn will turn the room into its autumn version instead, and you'll unlock the quick travel by hitting a summer orb once you reach the boss door :)

Here it is:

Lastly, as you might have noticed in the above screenshots, we changed the door leading to the boss fight a little. Now it is a bit bigger, more decorated and has a few statues outside it, to imply further that there is something special behind this door, rather than your regular dungeon room :)
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