Mountain Girl

Alright, I'm taking a break from item- and hat-making (which essentially is pretty much the same thing for me),  and instead I've been creating a new portrait!

This character won't appear for quite some time, and when she does, she might not even get cast as the character I intended her to be when I made this portrait... But she also may, and in that case, let's just say she'll be a quite important character you'll encounter when you explore the depths of Mt:Bloom!

Let's start with some basic line art:

My inspiration for this character, both when it comes to style of dress and her haircut is ancient asia. Let's just say it might be a theme for an upcoming area found within Mt:Bloom:

Fleshing out some basic colors:

Adding some shadows and highlights:

Adding details, editing the line art color:

And finally, the finished sprite:

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