Temple of Seasons ~The Boss Room~

As of yesterday, the boss is available for play testing in the beta! Since we're fairly certain about the room size, I started making a proper room for him to be in (the beta one is currently the sketch seen below):

The sketch currently used in the game

We're adding a corridor leading up to the room, which I'll decorate last!

Adding the basics to the main boss room, starting on some wall decorations... :)

More work on the wall decoration, adding two smaller pieces
that haven't been properly put on the wall in this screen.

Wall decoration pieces in place, as well as a couple of bushes.

Creating line art for a tree to be placed on the edges of the map

The tree finished, another one added!

Adding some vines to finalize the wall decorations :)

And finally, decorating the corridor!

There's also gonna be a spring version of this room, seen here :3

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1 comment:

  1. I kinda wish that elemental circle on the wall could spin around at random, landing on one element and spawning an empowered versions of that element's knight and wizard.

    But I just like spinny things.