Temple of Seasons Boss Sneak-Peek

As you might have guessed, given we've uploaded everything except the boss room to the Frontline beta, our main focus right now is prototyping the boss of the temple. We've made basic versions of a bunch of different attacks, and we're currently playing around with different patterns using what we have.

Here's a couple of gifs showing what it currently looks like (but keep in mind that most of the graphics, including the background, is placeholder):

As always, click on each gif to see a bigger, more crisp version!

The winter elder, in this form, uses the same types of attacks as the other elder fae that you battle earlier in the dungeon. That is, he prefers to use the environment as his weapon, rather than having any direct attacks himself. You'll have to find ways of getting close enough either in-between or during his attacks to deal some damage!

There's still a bit of work before this fight is as polished as we'd like, but we're definitely getting there so hang on and get ready for another boss to (hopefully) beat up good!

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