The Desert - Early Prop Testing

Time to get back to that desert we talked about a while back! Like I mentioned in those posts, I was gonna start making more concepts and try creating a few props for the desert, so we'd get colors and everything like that right. 

Above you can see two of the concepts/super-rough sketches I made for the area. Actually, they're basically the same, but since I felt like green made the desert feel extremely generic, we decided to try out a concept using red for (not-so-)greenery and stuff.

After we all agreed that a desert with hues of red for decorations and stuff, it was decided that I was gonna create a bunch of props to see how it'd all work out with actual graphics.

What I did was that I created a really random list of stuff that would make sense to have in the desert: rocks, cacti, skeleton pieces, urns, ruins (the list went on and on), then I selected a bunch of them to create and put together in a make-shift landscape. You can see the result below:

The purple stuff in the bottom right corner is actually water: when we decided to make everything red, we thought it'd be cool to have a different shade of the water as well, to put emphasis on how barren the land is. So, what you see there is an experiment with the color of the water!

So basically this is what the desert area will look like, only in the layout shown in a previous post. The next couple of posts will most likely be all about creating the basics (walls..) for those areas! :)
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