Wall Testing & Icon Galore

After yesterday's post I thought the rest of the week would involve creating walls for the desert area... Instead, I had to take a break almost immediately to create backgrounds and enemy icons for the codex section of the game!

If you play the beta, you might have seen these already! The reason for that is that I make these blog posts one week ahead of time, and usually the beta isn't updated quick enough for the posts to become irrelevant. This time, however, I know that Teddy has already updated the beta so you might have spotted these already. If not, here they are:

Anyway, since the walls for the desert area is what's on my mind the most right now, I'll talk a bit about that too!

Below you can see the four pieces that the wall of yesterday's post are made of: 
I've separated them here in order to use them when building the walls for the actual area. My strategy is to put as many of these parts in first where I think they fit well, then paint the remaining walls needed manually, reusing parts where I can. 

Below you can see how I've used the two parts to the left, piecing them together by painting new rocks: 

And here I've added the rounded piece to the right, as wall as some water: 

As you can see, there's a rocky edge around the plateau. We thought this addition partly looked better compared to only a sand edge, but we also thought it'd make it more obvious where plateaus end.

Tomorrow, I'll move on to create more of the walls for the first map of the area! Stay tuned :)
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