What happens after the Temple of Seasons?

So the other day we went to lunch at our regular fast food place in order to talk about what will happen after the temple of Seasons! As you might have guessed, there isn't that much left for us to do in the temple, and the tasks that remain (fixing bugs, balancing stuff and adding multiplayer) are mostly stuff Teddy alone can do.

So we talked a bit about where we'll go from here and decided that we want to polish the winter area and the overall game a bit before adding the next area (which would be Mt: Bloom, as seen in previous posts and on our main devblog).

In short, what we would like to achieve before moving on is the following:

  • Add more quests and side activities to the winter area. We have a bunch of half-finished quests and ideas we want to implement to make these maps feel more alive and less empty.

    Among these is the finished version of the turkey-quest, a musical puzzle and a puzzle with a living puzzle block! Oh dear.

  • Update Arcade Mode with the Winter- and Temple of Seasons floors, then rebalance a bit to account for the additional levels.

    Teddy already has a system in place that generates winter area rooms, but the Temple of Seasons rooms will have to be hand-made by me.

  • More weapons. This is mainly something Fred will focus on, but it affects the game quite a bit. We'd like to have bigger differences between the weapon available, as well as weapons that makes specializing more fun and interesting.

  • Final Spell Charges. We haven't added the final charge to the spells yet, and it's about time since most people are getting their characters to quite high levels progressing through the story!

There's also gonna be a bunch of cutscenes and mini-games that will happen in Evergrind City as part of a festival/fair-themed thingy before you head out to Mt:Bloom. 

This means that other than decorating the desert area and making Temple of Seasons rooms for Arcade Mode, I'll also be creating some new background elements for the Evergrind City fair in the near future! As we'd like the fair to take place in the evening, it's gonna be an interesting challenge to play around with colors and layers to create a suitable effect that makes you feel like night has fallen over the ever-cheery Evergrind City. :)

I've already started sketching a bit, but I think the whole mini-game thing will be better suited for a post of its own, where I can explain how each mini-game will work and our thoughts behind the design process for this part of the game! 

Time for me to return to work! See you next time :) 
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