A Dreadful Toothache and Some New Maps

Still ain't getting much sleep here (thank you annoying "wisdom" tooth)! I've been managing to spend my time slightly better this time, though, by figuring out new spots treasure hunting. 

It's basically the most braindead thing to do for the game, but it also doesn't take very long for Teddy to implement things like this so it's better than doing nothing.  

Can you figure out where each of these treasures are found?

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  1. I have to say, I don't really enjoy the picture ones because they're really obvious. The one next to the mansion was great because it looked like a drawing on an actual map, not a screenshot.

    I'd love to see you doodle where these are in various simplistic styles like that. :) Anything to make it slightly less obvious.

  2. We're aiming to have an equal number of screenshot-maps, sketch-maps and written-hint-"maps", so in the end there'll be quite a bunch of all of them :)

    I agree though that the hand-drawn ones are better, and obviously more fun for me to do! XD