Creating Houses & Being Work Efficient

Today I'm gonna show you a shorter video where I make two slightly different houses! As you might have noticed in plenty of my videos, I copy & paste a lot of stuff that I made previously. Sometimes I alter the colors a bit, sometimes the shape, and sometimes I leave things pretty much as they were.

When it comes to houses, in this instance, I move whatever parts I can use around (and sometimes swap colors) and then fill in whatever's missing once I'm done. I could have painted each and every house, but the amount of time saved from reusing walls and rock textures is pretty huge! And most people wouldn't really notice anyway (and if they did, most wouldn't care).

Remember back in the old SNES days? Almost everything was reused more or less directly! It's pretty amazing what you can 'get away with' when it comes to time and resource saving (if you're making a game and don't want it to take 5 bazillion years, you should probably reuse stuff too) :)

Anyway, this video is but one example of how a single house and two different wall textures can become two new houses with a bunch of copy, paste and minor editing! Enjoy!

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