Floor Masks, or "Polishing the Temple of Seasons Ice-Effect Issues"!

Before continuing the work on the Time Travel temple, it's time to do some grunt work. There's one issue in the game currently, most obviously in any room of the Temple of Seasons where you battle winter enemies. Take a look:

Their ice attacks keep overlapping things where they shouldn't! In order to fix this, we need to let the game know where these ice effects (as well as shadows and other effects on the ground) are allowed to appear. 

I'm doing this by manually painting on top of the background with any color, covering any part of the floor where the effects are allowed to appear:

Since many of the rooms have multiple floors, there will be separate layers covering each height, so the effects only appear on the floor you're currently on:

This is just one of the rooms, but the same thing has to be done in at least every room that potentially spawn winter enemies, as their ice effects are an extreme eyesore without it! 

Ideally, every single room and area would have masks like these to avoid shadows bleeding over unto things where they shouldn't, but usually they aren't as annoying as these ice effects so we'd rather save the manpower for now!
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  1. Crowdsource masking to fans, like the translations ; )