More Maps & Arcade Mode Transfers

Today I'm bringing more treasure hunting maps! This time a bunch of hand drawn ones:

I know, I know, these are all also very obvious, aren't they?! I really just wanted something braindead to do while being groggy from the lack of sleep (I made these too while being sleepless from the toothache) :) There will be plenty of more difficult/tricky ones, I promise!

Speaking of braindead tasks, I forgot to make transfer screens for the Winter -> Temple of Seasons and Temple of Seasons 2nd floor when I made the Arcade Mode props last week, but here they are, finally: 

Basically it's just backgrounds from places already available in Story Mode, edited a bit to fit in Arcade Mode instead!
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1 comment:

  1. I think the problem is that you're such a great artist that even your doodles are as clear as in-game screenshots, they're pretty darn well done. :P Anyone who wandered past these places even once would know immediately where they were. Marino's Mansion had much less detail and was kind of tricky.

    I can't think of how to make these less obvious, though. There's only two tents in the game and only two chicken coops, not much obscurity you can give there. The Christmas Tree one is interesting, do they all have a different number of balls in front of them? I never noticed if so.

    Winter could maybe be more obvious if you replaced Winter in the painting with a snowflake and removed the crystal ball, but that doodle looks much too nice with him in it. :) I'll can't wait to see what the difficult ones look like.