Skills - What would YOU like to see?

One of the things we're working on right now is finishing up the skills. We still haven't implemented the final charges, which would be the most epic version of each spell, and the one that deals the most damage.

So, I thought I'd just throw this out here: what would you like to see? What would your idea of an ultimate version of any of the spells be?

Our guidelines right now is to keep the spells doing what they currently do, but in a more epic way - meaning a single target spell is still a single target spell, and an aoe crowd control ability remains dealing aoe damage and can still be used for crowd control.

For example, our idea for the fireball is for it to be bigger and more phoenix-like in its form graphically, quickly followed by a set of smaller fire balls. This means that it's still, in its essence, a similar long-range single target spell, but it looks way cooler, deals more damage and has some additional functionality (it's now more than one ball).

So, if you've been dreaming about the cool final version of any of the spells in the game, now's the time to share! :D
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