Temple of Seasons: Arcade Mode Backgrounds Part 1

Okay, it's time to get back to business. I mentioned in the last weekly recap that I was working on rooms for the Temple of Season-floors for Arcade Mode, and today you can start seeing the results. 

To begin with, we settled on three different sizes for the rooms. We selected these sizes based on rooms from the temple in Story Mode but also on Arcade Mode floors we thought were of a good size.

I then start creating the very basics for each room in one season (in this case, autumn). I don't create any doors at this point: they will be added on top of everything later, since not all rooms will have doors leading in every direction.

Once this is done I start focusing on creating suitable decorations. We don't want anything in the middle of the rooms that could disturb your fighting, so the decorations have to be things that can be placed alongside the walls. The exception is of course water and stuff you can simply run over.

Above you can see a few of the variations that you're able to achieve with these decorations and room sizes! That'll be enough for this post, tomorrow I'll continue working with the other seasons :)
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