"Time Travel Town" Zone 01 - The Barracks

Time to start working on the first Zone for real! We'll begin by with adding the exterior of the first house you'll see - the barracks. This is a place where soldiers living in the cave live, and will serve a purpose in your questing through this area. 

Instead of posting WIP pictures, I thought I'd upload a video of this process as well. I don't know if you prefer videos to the step-by-step images I used to post before, but as I mentioned in yesterday's post it's definitely easier to remember. 

..And also helps with keep me more focused since I can't tab out or the video will record my browsing/chatting as well... :D

Anyway, here's the end result: 

In tomorrow's post I'll work on the area surrounding this building, adding a prayer statue and some other random things! :)
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