"Time Travel Town" Zone 01 - Sketching!

So, we've spent dome time coming up with and discussing a variety of hurdles and quests/puzzles for you to solve on your way through this dungeon, most involving time travelling in some ways! Since this dungeon really will be a village of some sort, we decided to divide the area into several zones, rather than rooms as we've done with the previous temples.

The first zone won't be super big, and will serve to introduce you to the time travelling mechanic as a whole. The obstacles here will be pretty straight forward as you get used to the idea and implications of jumping through time! 
As we've mentioned before, the past version will be full of life: there will be people living and working here, dealing with everyday life stuff. In the present, however, the houses will be in ruins, and the only living things you'll meet here are the enemies you battle (which haven't been decided yet, but we're thinking about it - monkeys have been mentioned).

Below you can see my sketch version of both the past and present version of this first zone. We've tried running around on them in the game, and so far we're quite happy with the layout and distances. However, these things are always subject to change, so we'll see what it looks like in the end!

Past version to the left, Present to the right: 

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