"Time Travel Town" Zone 01 - Surrounding the Barracks

In today's video, I continue to work with the area surrounding the barracks that were made yesterday. :) 

The end got a bit cut off, but you can see the result below (click the image to view it full-sized):

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  1. Hi, I just wanna say that I love you vídeos and you very talented
    I notice that you estoped posting the pictures about the desert maps, did you guys finished?
    When will be the next update with some new maps?
    Thanks for the great game :)

    1. Thank you! I've finished making graphics for the desert for now, we'll leave it as it is until later when we'll put it into the game. This area that I'm working on now will actually be added before the desert, but I couldn't work on it before since it needed a lot of additional planning :)