"Time Travel Town" Zone 01 - Walls & Video Making

..Yes, we really need a better name for this place than "Time Travel Town"... Anyways. 

The last few days I've been playing around with various screen capture software, in hopes of being able to make more videos and GIFs for this blog. I am basically the worst at remembering to take screens of my progress, and before I know it I've been at a piece for an hour or two and there's no way to bring back what the early steps looked like. So, I thought this would be better and easier for me to deal with. 

This is my first test at this, and features the incredibly mundane task of adding walls to the first zone of the Time Travel Town, sped up like crazy! 

I realize the quality isn't amazing, but I guess for such a boring task at this it doesn't really need to be super HD! Hopefully I'll get used to the bazillions of settings and figure something out for the more detailed stuff later on (I used Open Broadcaster Software and *cough* Movie Maker when making this btw).
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