Tiny Tasks

Today has been another of those days where you do plenty of tiny tasks, rather than focus on a single one! Let's take a look:

One of the things that have been requested very frequently is the ability to trade and/or drop items so your friends can pick them up! So far we haven't had that function in SoG, but from soon on, you'll be able to drop items on the ground in Story Mode (not in Arcade, as it'd be a bit OP in multiplayer runs). Therefore, a "Drop Item"-icon had to be made!

Another thing I was playing around with was making an Arcade Mode version of the Hydra Boss battle room, since the layout the room has in Story Mode makes no sense when you're playing Arcade. For one, the corridor leading into the room is quite unnecessary, and the additional doors (and stairs) will lead nowhere, so they really serve no purpose either. 

To solve this, I simply remove the corridor, the stairs and the drop down-thingy on the left side, and replace the doors with decorative trees instead. Then repeat the process for each of the seasons: 

While on the subject of Arcade Mode, we thought it would be fun the have the occasional room that works like the battle room in the Temple of Seasons "obstacle course"-room - that is, a room that is every season at once, buffing all enemies at the same time!

In order to implement this type of room, we needed a background, of course:

Lastly, I've been improving certain small details in the lower parts of the "Time Travel Town", adding small things here and there. My main focus when making these touch-ups was to make the barracks feel more like barracks, rather than a big house with a sword stuck on it, so we added a bunch of weapons and crates lying around it!

Here you can see the rest of the edits:

This part of the map before adding improvements
Adding improvements & details!
The map after said details were added :)
Tomorrow I'll talk about how we're trying to be more work efficient when making a lot of similar items :)
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  1. I hope you guys make it so unique items can't be dropped. Some little marker icon designating unique items as being such, things you can only ever get one of. Maybe have a prompt warning against selling them too so people don't mess up. :P

    1. Items that you need for quests and such won't be able to be dropped or sold, but others will even if you can only get one of them!

      We are considering adding a "buyback" option/shop in the future for those times when you accidentally sell stuff, but we hope that in general people will be careful not to drop items they think they wanna use later :)