Village of the Past

Since the last Time Travel Village-post I've been playing around with making a few houses and some decorative props! 

We also discussed exactly what we wanted the area to look like, and decided that we wanted it to feel like a mix of the outdoors, while still being inside a cave. So, to mix the two together, we're opening up holes in the cave, where the outside can be seen (much like it works in the Flying Fortress part of the game), and the ground will be covered in grass - at least in the past version.  

Below is a mockup/sketch of sorts, using a few of the props I've been making as well as some sketched stuff, to give a feeling of how the area will look: 

The mountains walls are more gray than the purple/blue color they were in Mount Bloom, and I've made them a bit lighter, but other than that it's the same walls. We wanted this color difference to emphasize that you're entering a new place, rather than it just being another portion of the Mt:Bloom area. Hopefully, the grass and holes in the walls will increase that feeling as well!

Tomorrow we'll take a look at what the first zone of this area will look like. :)
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