A day in the life & the Barracks F1

Working with Secrets of Grindea full time is really the dream life for me. While the days can get long sometimes, and it's easy to get stuck in a loop of working right before bedtime that kind of messes with your sleeping schedule, it's definitely worth it!

This day was one of those typical days where I completed a bunch of smaller tasks, while also working on one bigger piece. Let's break it down!

09:00 - Wakeup & Work Time!
I woke up before the alarm went off, after way too little sleep, and nobody else was yet awake! D: This happens quite often nowadays, perhaps because it's starting to not be pitch black outside 24/7. Now, while I do prefer to get my 8 hours of sleep, waking up early feels good because you can start work early as well.

It's a big plus to work in your own living room so you can start and quit work whenever you want! :)

A Big Bunch of Tiny Tasks
I began the workday by answering a bunch of e-mail. I also created a list of sound effects that we need and sent them out for one of our sound designers to review. There's a lot of sounds missing in the game currently, and we definitely want as many of them before the Steam Early-Access launch!

Once I was done with that, I checked what small tasks I had left to finish. The day I'm talking about was actually the day we launched the Arcade Mode updates for the Frontline beta, and we had just realized we forgot to replace the placeholder train houses for the train challenges, so I needed to get them finished ASAP(!), as well as a bunch of other smaller things.

Promo Art Mockup
Time for the first bigger task of the day! The previous evening we had a discussion about what a piece of promo art featuring in-game graphics as well as HD character designs would look like, and I decided to make a mockup of that in order to give the rest of the team a feel for what such a piece could look like.

Since nobody else had awoken yet, I saved the mockup once I was done with it and moved on to finish other tasks in the meanwhile!

The Barracks F1, Part 1
The second bigger task of the day is creating the first floor of the Barracks in the Time Travel Town Zone 01. However, I only get to finish the basics of the room before Teddy and Fred finally awake and we decide to have a meeting!

The Meeting
During this meeting we discussed what exactly we wanted to finish for the Steam Early Access release, in what order these things should be done, and who should work on each of them.

I also showed them the mockup of the promo art featuring both in-game graphics and HD characters, and we all thought it looked pretty cool so we decided to go for it and create something similar, based on one of the thumbnails I had made previously (see Monday's post)!

The Barracks F1, Part 2
I then went back to finish the rest of the first floor of the Barracks, which you can see in the video below:

Blog Preparations
Of course, the blog needs some attention as well! Every evening after work I gather whatever things I've made and upload them to new drafts and create videos based on my recordings and upload those to YouTube. Then I write a post or two and schedule them for later!

20:00 - Relax time!
Time to relax, eat a snack and play a bunch of Pillars of Eternity~

02:00 - Sleepytime
Hopefully this time I'll get those 8 hours of sleep!
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  1. " During this meeting we discussed what exactly we wanted to finish for the Steam Early Access release, in what order these things should be done, and who should work on each of them."

    Is 'shoot a Steam key off to every member of the Yogscast network' prior to Early Access release on the agenda, out of curiousity? :P No bigger way to ensure a splash.

    Alternative people to bombard with keys:

    http://www.reddit.com/r/mindcrack/ - The cast of the Mindcrack subreddit, advertising the co-op to them. They love playing things together.

    http://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/The%20Binding%20of%20Isaac%3A%20Rebirth - Some major BoI: Rebirth players, maybe include a short video showing off Arcade Mode and saying that you would like to see how BoI players fare in Arcade Mode.

    http://www.twitch.tv/directory - A few random top streamers for the major games / streams on Twitch? :P It can't hurt, worst case scenario they don't use it. Random top youtube streamers might work too, but some of those jerks have started expecting a cut of game sales to play your game. What a bunch of tools. ):<

    I am so glad to hear SoG is profitable enough to be a full time job for you, though. :) You honestly do amazing work.

    1. Thank you! :D

      Right now we haven't planned any additional PR stuff when releasing on Steam Early-Access, as we'd rather have the big splash (or as big as possible) happen once the game is completed and properly released!

      Kinda trying to lay low so we don't get too many angry "What?! The beta ended already?!"-comments, haha :D