Another Mixed Bag!

Thanks for all your replies guys! They sure help a lot :D We'll take a small break from our worries with the mountainside for a bit, in hopes of reaching a solution after letting it rest a bit, and in the meanwhile I'll focus on finishing some more things that we want to implement before the Steam Early Access release (additional tasks like this appear all the time, as we plan quests in better detail or simply remember stuff we previously forgot). 

First of all, there's the puzzle blocks that needed a recoloring to fit in the caves in the Seasonne, where the mountains are a bit more blue:

Then there were some additional portraits needed for the Temple of Seasons boss cutscenes:

Speaking of that boss, as some of you pointed out - the hands are wrong on his portrait - haha! I must have been half asleep while painting that. :D That has been fixed now:

We also realize we were missing some achievements in Arcade Mode, namely the 'reach floor', 'clear all challenges' and 'score s' version of the Seasonne and Temple of Seasons floors!

We also added an achievement for beating the red version of Giga Slime in Arcade Mode, seeing as he seems to be the biggest challenge of that mode currently! :)
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