I'm changing the blog! All things horses incoming!

I just realized blogging about work and always talking about Secrets of Grindea isn't really something that I like all that much. Actually, I think I've found a new calling...

SO! I'm gonna change this blog into a horseback riding blog!

I might have mentioned it before, but every Thursday I go horseback riding at a local stable. So from now on, this blog will be filled with all things horse! Yay!

Here's one of the horses I rode a lot before, he's called Frost and he's a fjord horse (which is hard to believe because of how white he is, very rare for this breed!) who loves to run as fast as he can:

And here we have Basic, the horse I have been riding more recently:

Basic is a SWB (Swedish Warmblood) which I believe is one of the more common breeds here in Sweden. He's an awesome horse that's very friendly and alert while listening really well to his rider! I definitely hope to be able to spend more time with him in the future :)

That's all for today! See you tomorrow with another awesome horse post~ :)
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  1. I would demand a refund immediately.

    If you hadn't given me the game for free.


  2. All i can do is laugh xD.

    Jokes aside, do you actually ride those horses?

    1. Haha :D

      Yeah, I do ride those horses! Everything is true except for the part about changing the blog :D