More Steam Early Access Preparations!

Creating promotional art is not the only task I have when it comes to getting us ready for Steam Early Access. Today we'll take a look at a bunch of the smaller tasks I've completed in this regard!

First of all, we needed a bunch of additional portraits to the cutscene with Elder Winter: 

Second, there was a bunch of skills that still didn't have a proper image in their "more info" sections, so I spent some time taking screenshots of those. The funny part about doing this is that every single skill has like 1-2 frames that look really weird when you take a still image of them... And of course, I hit those frames so often it'd not even funny (actually it was, the screens looked hilarious).. :D 

Third, since we're getting on Steam properly, it's time to introduce Steam achievements, which actually are the same as our in-game achievements, only they need icons in different sizes than we use in the game. And since I was going over them anyway, I spent some time improving a few of the icons that felt outdated:  

Phew! One more step closer to that Early Access release.. Getting there slowly but steadily :)
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  1. Out of curiousity, would it be possible to have the 'More Info' skills be animated gifs? You don't really get a feel for them in a single frame.

    You guys are making a hittable training dummy for the festival, maybe that could be the stand in for a looped gif of every skill hitting the dummy? Two of them to show off Chain Lightning, one of them and a slime for Smash, uh... those seem like the only complications.

    This would probably take a lot of time though. :(

    1. Showing them as GIFs would definitely make a lot of sense, perhaps we can squeeze in some GIF recording at some point in the future! :)