Promo Art for Steam, Part 4: The Guy, Second Try

Let's keep on working on the second version of the promo art guy! As with the girl, this process is pretty much the same as working on any portrait, but with more reference images. We took a ton of different photos for the hand, for example, because hands are evil and really hard to draw...!

Line Art

Color Blocking



Refining stuff & adding details
Here's what the mockup looks like currently:

I still need to do some detail work on the characters; the girl needs her spell effect, and I might fix some other details here and there. We also need to get some proper pixel art for the pillar, so I'll start working on that next!
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  1. As a 2-handed weapon user, I am offended that I am not accurately represented in this box art. I demand the boy be dual-wielding a 1-handed and 2-handed weapon.

    You may have to draw him a third arm. Chop-chop.

  2. just give him a bastard-sword. one and a half hand, compromise!

  3. He has that smart, elegant and calm look on his face which makes him seem like a formidable opponent. I like it! Tough opponents are cool!