Promo Art for Steam, Part 5: Pixel Stuff

In this final (?) step of making the promotional artwork for our steam banners, there's a video of me creating the proper version of the pillar!

Once I stopped recording, I went over the characters & props again and changed some things around: added the cloud, replaced a character with her charge-spell version, replaced the bee with a boar, etc. 

We might still play around with what actually happens on the island a bit more, but for now, this is the result:  

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  1. That area looks great, but I still think it's missing something.

    Look at that chest. What does it remind you of, if you know nothing about Secrets of Grindea?

    I look at that chest and I think to myself based on all the other RPGs I've played, well, there's probably a red rupee in that thing. Maybe a bundle of arrows. Best cast scenario a Medicinal Herb.

    It doesn't entice me at all. :P It should be four times as big, golden, bejeweled and filling the center of the screen. Make that bad boy as irresistable as possible, make me want to -buy- the game just to crack it open and see what sort of delicious loot is hidden inside of it.

    All Zelda games have tiny little baby chests and utterly massive chests that you want to open ASAP to see what sort of kickass thing is hidden within, and you always hate that you have to go through the stupid dungeon and get it's stupid master key just to get the brand new toy. =(

    Giving the girl at the bottom left Ice Spike instead of Charging would look cool too, contrasting the fireball rather nicely. =) But even without any changes, this looks cool.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions! Moving the chest to be more in the middle definitely sounds like a good idea. :)

      We're a little scared of making the chest super epic though, as it could give people the impression that the game is all about finding super epic things in super epic chests, when in reality we really don't have that many of 'em, and the stuff they contain is hardly as cool as a hookshot :D

      Either way, we'll continue to play around to see if we can figure stuff out. We kinda feel like there's a bit too much going on, so we might remove a bunch of stuff and go for a more clean solution as well... We'll see!

    2. Right now you don't, but the game isn't yet even halfway done. I figure not every chest in the game is gonna be a normal small chest, right?

      That giant mimic painting in the HQ looks pretty awesome and foreshadowing to me. =D

  2. It looks great overall and I like it, the only thing that bothers me is the blond girl's eyes. if you ask me, it feels like they are too far up on her forehead. Keep up the good work, I admire you guys!

    1. That's a good point! I'll move 'em around a bit and see if I can polish that up a bit :) Thanks!

  3. Aww man, this looks awesome! One thing that disturbs me is that the girls fireball is covering her thumb with its white glow but her thumb should be infront of the effect IMO. Also, maybe putting someone that's opened a chest in the middle and holding the loot above them could look cool and exiting. Maybe you could show off some cool weapon or armor that way. ;)

  4. I really feel that you need make the top of the "mountain" they are on abit more Epic or you connect it to something more. It looks really wierd with a mountain-top in a game with "nothing" on it. Why would I want to go and explore in a game that leads me to a "dead-end".
    The pixel-art is as Always BEAUTIFUL but the setting right now feels wierd. Put a statue(or something that make the place stand out) in the middle back of the mountain-top and ad a small path in the grass to it. A stair up to nothing looks abit wierd ^^