Snowman Skill Upgrade

When thinking about what the final charges of each spell should be, we thought long and hard on the Snowman summon and how to make it more fun. We realized that we wanted to remake him a bit, adding more options for you in terms of controlling what he does. 

Our idea was that when he's been summoned, if you click (or hold) his summon button again you'll be presented with four arrows, one in each direction, representing four different commands to give your summon. Pressing the direction of a command will trigger it and close the menu automatically, so hopefully it won't be too bothersome in the middle of a fight. 

Here's the graphics I made for this new interface:

Sketching ;D

Basic Arrows

Arrows with skill icons!
From the beginning only two commands will be available: Desummon (Down) and a defense-type move where the summon gains added defense for a short while (Left). Once you've upgraded your summon to Gold charge, you'll unlock a command that increases the summon's damage and attack stats for a short while. The final charge will most likely be some kind of special attack, which we haven't decided on yet.

Unlike your own skills, these commands will probably have a bit of a cooldown, making them unavailable for a short amount of time.

The exact details of all of this is still in the works, but I think you get the general idea! We're excited to make this summon a bit different, and hopefully he won't be as quite as useless as he has been on a lot of previous occasions.. ;)
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  1. I still think the Snowman would be cute as a Russian Nesting Doll, where if he dies he just gets back up after # seconds as the tier below where he's at, getting gradually weaker but still able to contribute.

    He dies at tier 3? # seconds pass, he's awake at tier 2. Dead at 2? # seconds, 1. Dead at 1? Perma-KO until revived.

    The only way to balance that I could think of would be to make it so you have to stand near him to 'ressurect' him back to his top tier if he melts to a weaker one, if you want to desummon him so people don't just desummon him at a melted tier 1 or 2 and put him back at 3.

    But even without that idea, these new AI skills for the snowbuddy look cool. :)

  2. A pure dmg increase sound like a bad idea gameplay-vise. It would just translate to an extra button to press for the players with no gameplay implication for the player.
    Defensive sound good thou, giving the snowman a way to survive hard hits from bosses etc.
    A cool ability he could have would be making him stationairy, transforming him to ice and blocking projectiles.

  3. I have a idea is that the sonwman can roll back to the master when you hold the his summon button. The basic charge don't have damage.The silver charge can slow the emery when they being touch . The gold charge can run down the emery and give them a good damage