Winterland Queststuff

One of the things we wanted to finish before releasing the game on Steam Early Access was to add quests to Seasonne (also known, informally, as the Winterland), and in order to do so, there was a bunch of small things for me to get in order!

First of all, a bunch of gifts, stolen by some particularly mean person:

Then... Expressions! A whole bunch, actually! I love doing expressions , trying to come up with ways to portray different feelings by simply changing the features of a face is a lot of fun. :) 

..Although I have to admit, I spend a lot of time making funny faces myself while drawing these... It seems to be some kind of reflex that you imitate the face of whoever you draw? Or is it just me?!

Lastly, we had to make a slight edit of the Gauntlet portrait from before! I never really thought about it when I made the portrait, but the gauntlet is in fact made for the right hand (the elder fae wears it that way, at least)! So, kind of had to redraw him a bit. 

Hopefully it won't make a super big difference, I think he remains pretty squidlike and that's what's important, right? ;)
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1 comment:

  1. Strange. The Gauntlet on the left looks imposing, eerie, extremely squidlike and strong.

    The Gauntlet on the right looks dainty, feminine, shy and slender. I wonder why it comes offthat way to me? Is it because the one on the left has the thumb, which seems thick and strong, whereas the one on the right has the pinky, which is petite and curved?

    Is it just me seeing them as Male/Female? =P