A Bunch of Bridges

Now that the buildings of Startington have been upgraded, it's time to give some of the other super old props a facelift! In this post, as you might have guessed, it's all about bridges (and some other things) :3

When passing through the Pillar Mountains, you make use of a couple of suspension bridges. These are among those mega old props that use over 9000 colors and look really messy. So, time to clean it up: 

These bridges are used in the Pillar Mountains portion of Arcade Mode as well, so those had to be upgraded as well:

Another prop with a similar texture in need of an upgrade is this old fishing bridge, also found in the Pillar Mountains:

The stone bridge got a tiiiny facelift as well, though it's a bit hard to see! Basically I added some slight contrast to it. I would have liked to do more, especially about the 'floor' texture, but for now we'll leave it mostly as it is:

Finally, to end this post, is not a bridge but a house - one of the houses that hadn't been upgraded yet, due to it only being used in Evergrind East:

As you might be able to tell, I'm working my way down from Startington into the city, upgrading as I go along! Next week, these travels will take me to Evergrind West and the Winterlands for some additional fine-tuning~ :)
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