Another Mixed Bag

Time for another one of those mixed bags!

One of the things we've wanted to add for a long while, but haven't gotten around to, is the ability to hide your pet. Those guys can get real annoying sometimes, especially when you have a green slime and you're intent on farming other green slimes. The aura helps a bit when it comes to recognizing which slime is my pet and which ones are enemies, but the way Slimey cries when I slaughter his brethren....!  :((

Joking aside, it's nice to be able to hide your pet, and it's not particularly hard to do, so it's on our to-do list. And as such, we needed new icons for the Pet Menu:

I based the Show/Hide pet icons on the Show/Hide equipment icons, using the same colors and style, but with a pet instead of a hat in the middle. I thought this would make it feel coherent, indicating that they do the same thing. 

Anyway, moving on!

When reworking Startington last week, I realized the balcony of one of the houses looked really empty. So, I went there and put a bunch of stuff on it: 

Looks a bit more cozy now, eh? If it weren't for my fear of heights it might actually be a nice spot for a picnic!

Okay, next up: expressions. Only two in this batch though, giving the Summer Elder and the musical winter fae some new sad-looking faces: 

Lastly... Another thing I've been up to lately... Writing!

There's a bunch of dialogues we haven't finalized yet, and some items you're supposed to be able to examine that will give you some interesting feedback.
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  1. This looks like a fun next update! I'm really looking forward to the hide/show pet button aswell as the opening of the library! Only one thing though, please don't make the library into a bigger evergrins school. It has the potential to be so much more! It would be great for quests and possibly uppgrading magic insome way. (you know, books=knowledge=power(and sometimes =magic))

    1. We have a bunch of ideas for different types of quest and mini-games surrounding the library, but nothing is set in stone yet! It'll definitely have a bigger impact than the school though :)