Another take on improvements!

Alright guys, prepare yourselves for a long post! This was actually supposed to be split into two or three separate posts, but since these updates got uploaded with the latest patch this weekend I figured I might as well post 'em all at once since there are no fancy timelapse videos of these updates anyways. 

So, as you know we stopped reworking the stone walls of the Pillar Mountains. However, there are other things from the early part of the game that we felt definitely needed a bit of improvement. The buildings and details in and around Startington were among those!

Basically, I've been going over a bunch of things, cleaning up the pixel art and making them more crisp, rather than the kinda messy 'painted' look they had before. 

So, here's what your family house in Startington looked like before: 

Here is the before and after of the rework:
And here's the house, in its new style:

Reworking the rest of the houses: 

Reworking a bunch of detail stuff:

A New Fence

Improving some logs

The well and the bucket got a bit of a rework as well

..And the balcony too!
So, be sure to head to Startington to check these things out, if you're part of the frontline beta :)

(BTW, we'll most likely adjust the colors of the buildings slightly to make them pop a bit less. I just hadn't gotten around doing so before Teddy uploaded the patch!)
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