Big & Small Noses, Part 2

Part two of the nosejob frenzy! This time we begin with the Blacksmith ladies: 


With these, I had to do some additional fixes on them aside from their noses as well. For instance, there were a lot of unnecessary shades in their faces in particular, so I cleaned that up to give the portraits a cleaner look.

Next up, the Mountain girls:


Since they were among the later batches of portraits, their overall style is what we're looking for, but somehow I had managed to make their noses a bit too big for Teddy's taste, so I simply shrank them and repainted them a tiny bit to fit the characters better :)

Next up is one of the older portraits, featuring the Mayor of Arcadia:


The Mayor had to be remade quite a bit: he had a ton of unnecessary shading, especially in his face, plus his hair was textured in the old way, so I had to remake his hair as well.

Lastly, there's Luke's little brother:

He also had to be repainted a bit! I fixed his cheek a little, shrank his nose and removed a few shades.

There's a couple more that had to be fixed, but I'll save those for another post. :) Tomorrow it's time for a brand new portrait instead, featuring a male spring fae!
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  1. Didnt Think of the noses atall but I must say the smaler ones looks good!

    Another thing, is there any chances that your are going to ad some new skin-tones to the game? Like for the Mayor, his skintone looks kinda out of Place. His mustache is way to big for him to have a skintone of an 16 year old boy. Same goes for santa, the characters look more like young boys with fake(real good ones thou)-beards. Either that or all the older ppl in Town have some real good miracle-cream for wrinkles :D
    Great job on the noses!

    1. I'm glad to hear it, thank you! :D

      As for their skintones, I hadn't thought about that, but you're right, they do look a bit off! Perhaps I should go back and experiment with that the next time I have some spare time to spend on the portraits :)