Big & Small Noses

So a while ago Teddy approached me suggesting that since I was reworking old things, perhaps I could take a look at a few of the old portraits again. You see, he had found that a lot of the noses looked rather big, and would prefer if I could make them smaller to give the characters a more pleasant and attractive look. 

While I personally don't think the noses are too big, I'm sure that if he thinks so, plenty of others will agree with him! And I don't think making the noses smaller would mean the portraits will look worse, so why not!

I asked him to give me a list of the ones he thought needed fixing, and here's the first batch: 

Nysbruden in Pillar Mountains: original version!

Nysbruden after her nosejob!

The schoolkids: original versions!

The schoolkids after their nosejobs (and after removing a few unnecessary shades as well)!

The waitresses: original versions!

The waitresses after making their noses smaller (and adjusting their expressions slightly)!

There's more of these, so prepare yourselves for another batch next week! ;)
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  1. Are you redoing the older cards to better fit the new card art too? The old Slime is a little pixel-y compared to your Season enemies. x3

    1. Most likely at some point, yes! Not sure exactly when, though :3