More Leaderboards!

Remember how I promised a male spring fae? Well, scratch that! This post will be about how we continue to work on our Steam leaderboards! The basics have been implemented now, and we're in the process of adding polish, some of which will be the focus of today's post!

To start off, we thought it would be nice to have an indicator of whether you know someone on the leaderboards or not. We also thought it'd be good to have a clear indicator of which score is your own. So, to do that we've added these two icons: 

The star indicates that the score it's next to is your own, and the heart indicates that the score belongs to someone on your friendlist. You can see them in action below: 

Next, we needed some slight adjustments for the "friends only" filter. When you view the global scores, you can see the avatars of the three top players. We wanted this for the friends only filter as well, so we had to make a special interface for it - in the top three global score boxes, the players rank number can be found within the balls to the left of their character portrait, but as your friends might not be #1-#3 on the global score, we replaced the numbers with trophies instead: 

We also added their actual rank beneath the character portraits, so you know exactly how high your friends have climbed in terms of global score: 

Lastly, we've added a prompt asking you whether or not you want to submit your score to steam whenever you get a new highscore: 

This allows cheaters to go wild in Arcade Mode without ruining the leaderboards when they wish not to, and also allows especially private player to keep their scores secret. If you cheat, it should be noted that you will get banned from the leaderboards if you submit illegal scores, and people who obviously cheat will get a warning about this along with the prompt!

Alright, I think that's all in terms of new leaderboard content (for now)! See you tomorrow :D
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  1. I assume you have to get a new highscore to be able to submit to Steam? Hopefully that means everyone who already has a score in Arcade doesn't have to set a new High Score in order to rank on the global leaderboards, if so.

    I'd also be delighted to see something to help vary up the scores for beating the current iteration of Arcade, a bonus based on how much gold you have at the end of the run. The less items you buy, the less nurses you have to heal at, the more gold you have, the more score you get in the end to add some extra skill-score into the mix.

    Of course, people would probably just leave Winter's room to go sell all their stuff if one was available, so... :/ The only way to stop that would be putting up ice spikes preventing people from leaving the final room, only leaving to the next level.

    I really, really like the menus you've designed here, though. :) Shame about Fred whomping your score. :(

    1. You won't have to set a new local highscore, it will notice that you don't have an entry on the Steam leaderboards and ask if you want to submit your next score after the patch goes live. If you want your current highest score to appear on the leaderboards, however, you'll have to score it again, as it doesn't recognize old scores.

      We might play around with suggestions such as this to spice the score up once all the floors have been made, but for now we want to keep it simple - after all, there will be almost twice as many floors once we're done, so a lot can happen on the way in terms of balance and such!

      Also, based on the scores we see, people seem to have a lot of issues getting past Evergrind Fields, let alone getting to Winter in the first place, so currently it's probably difficult enough getting those higher scores without adding score-bait limitations :)