Polishing Arcadia & Evergrind West

Remember those old buildings I upgraded last week? We just realized similar buildings are present in Arcadia, the starting town of Arcade Mode. So, they needed to be upgraded as well:

As you may or may not be able to tell, these are slightly darker than the ones I posted last week, and that's because I went over aaaall of the buildings once more and adjusted the colors in order for them to not pop as much as they did before. :) When the next patch goes live, a bunch of other things in Arcadia will have been updated as well, such as the well and logs, and basically any other thing that I went over in last week's post.

In Evergrind West there were some things that needed to be upgraded as well, namely a whole bunch of fences and some details regarding the farmhouse:  

As you can see, the fence now goes on top of the farmhouse, which looks a ton better. Also, there's now grass around it!

Lastly in this area, I went and upgraded the old barn too:

You can't enter it yet, and we're not sure about when you will be (if ever!), but it was definitely one of those super old buildings in need of a facelift to fit in with the rest :)
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  1. I didn't want to make a bug report about this, because it's probably not a bug but a WIP, but just to make sure:

    The chicken house update is a WIP, right? Because when you herd a chicken into them the bounce animation reverts them to the old style for a few frames, in Arcade and Story.

    1. Haha, indeed, nice catch there!

      The new coop wasn't supposed to be part of the last update, we forgot to remove it before patching. Fred is working on a proper animation for the new coop, so it should be fixed in the next patch :)