Quicklevel & Upgraded Menu Icons

Today we've been working on the design and implementation of a feature I think most on the team have been wanting for a long time... Quick leveling! 

With this new feature, you'll be able to hold tab to bring up the interface seen above, where the last 5 skills and talents you used are shown. This means that instead of having to open the menu and find the correct skill and talent every time you level up, the game will find them for you, and you won't have to swap between the talent- and skill trees. 

This is especially useful in Arcade Mode, where you level up often and typically only use 1-2 skills and 1-2 talents at one time. I'm not sure whether this feature will be available in Story Mode yet, as that mode is a bit more slow paced, and leveling through the menu makes more sense. 

Either case, for my next few Arcade Mode runs, I look forward to being able to level up much faster and without as much hassle!

Oh, and as a side note. I've begun polishing the In-Game menu a bit, starting with the menu icons:

Most of them are more or less the same, only slightly adjusted (outlines, yay). The system-, skill- and equipment icons are probably the ones with the biggest changes. Overall I think these look a bit more crisp and clear than their predecessors, and I hope you guys agree! :)
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