BBQ + Loads of Planning!

So yesterday we spent the day at Fred's place, eating yummy BBQ and planning the near (and distant) future of the game. As you probably know, we're currently focusing on getting everything together for a Steam Early Access release. Way back we made a list of things we wanted to add or improve with the game before launching on early access, and today we checked what things we have left and if anything else has changed.

Our old Pre-Steam EA to-do list :)

Right now, the biggest thing we have left is finalizing the Gold Charges for each of the spells, a task that has kept Fred busy for a few weeks (making animations & special effects), and that Teddy has started with more recently, after doing a ton of bug-fixing. We currently have a bunch of prototypes implemented, but some of them need more finalized art, and some needed a bit of tweaking.

So, once we finished eating, we sat down and went through all of the prototypes, making notes about what to add or change with them. Then we discussed all of the skills that haven't been implemented yet, talking about how they should work and what types of special effects still need to be made in order for them to look as cool as possible!

Fred trying out some prototypes with Teddy watching

Once we had that all planned down, we talked about what tasks I should be working on in the near future. As you've probably noticed, I have been spending some time editing the menus, in hopes that they'll look a bit fancier before we launch the whole Early Access thing. I still have a couple of things left that I wanna improve, and one of those things is reworking the Character Tab, which IMO currently looks absolutely terrible. So, we talked a bit about what that could look like, before moving on to discussing the temple.

Fred explaining one of his puzzle ideas, Teddy listening

We only touched upon this subject briefly, as the detailed planning of each Gold Charge skills took quite a bit of time (honestly, it took FOREVER)! We mainly talked about a couple of new puzzle ideas and how to implement them, as well as what parts of the temple I need to finish next. The thing I love about this temple is that since most of your progress will take place in a village, with time travelling being the important mechanic, we can come up with all sorts of puzzle ideas without restricting ourselves too much. Super fun!

Anyways, I should get back to work! Time to finish up the menu edits, then it's back to the temple for me. :D

(ps. Don't forget to tune in to E3! Today's the final day!)
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  1. I like your swenglish on the to-do-list! So proffesional!

    1. I know right! It's like we're building a new hybrid language! 8D