Brand New Character Box!

As mentioned yesterday, I'm working on adding more colors and epicness to the menu right now, and today it's time to rework the character box!

The character box is the little box beneath the title box that shows your character name, level, current exp, and how much money you have:

Right now the box is put inside yet another of those brown boxes, and I thought: "WHY"?! There's already so much brown, surely a character box can float on its own!? I also found it a bit unnecessary to show the exp-bar, seeing as it's already visible above the title box. Finally, we received some comments about the gold being a bit hard to see, so with all these things in mind I started working:

This is what the end result looks like, and I definitely like it better:

For characters with longer names, or more gold, the boxes will expand to fit their information:

I have some plans on making some kind of basic decoration(s) going from the title box, behind the character box and down to the info box, tying this part of the menu together a bit more. However, at this point nothing is set in stone - we'll see what I come up with after some sketching!
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