Equipment Edits!

As you know by now, I have this grand plan of improving the in-game menu! The next part of that plan involves the Equipment tab, which looks totally drab right now: 

At the very least, I wanted some decorative art for the titles, as well as fancier texts! As I worked on that, though, I also figured that a dash of background decorations would probably help this tab along a bit as well:

The actual title texts will be rendered in the game engine, so it'll be possible to translate them. As such, they might not look exactly like this, but the color and style should be approx. the same! Also, the icons on the left and right side of the Gear and Style titles will be 'loose', so if certain languages use a longer name for 'gear', the icons will keep the same distance from the text, instead of having the text pass over 'em.

Now, time for me to head over to Fred's place! We're gonna have a looong meeting where we'll discuss what I should make next for the temple (yay!), some final details on the Gold charge skills, and what Support skills we want in the game. Also a good time to eat some yummy BBQ food, since it's summer and all!
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