Haircut Reworks #1: Female

Oh yes, more reworks! This time, the haircuts. These things have had a bunch of problems, actually, and fixing them has been on my to-do list for quite some time. 

The perhaps most glaring issue with the old haircuts were that some of them are downright faulty: some pixels missing here and there, allowing skintone pixels to shine through... So yeah, not very good. Also, the quality of the pixel art wasn't exactly super high, given that they were (also) among the first things I made for the game.

So, I basically just went over each and every one of the hairstyles, fixing problems and reshading them as I went. Here's the first batch, featuring the female versions!

Old Version:

Reworked Version:

Some of them might have a shade or two too many, but overall I think they are a lot better, especially in terms of understanding what the hair is actually doing.

Tomorrow, it's time for the male versions!
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  1. I like the work you've done, but there's a small problem that flickered through my head: They all look like wigs. Because they're shinier and more detailed than the face or clothes of the rest of the sprite.

    That's not really a problem that could be easily fixed, though, because there are so many frames of character animation that it would probably take weeks to make the body fit the hair.

    I guess it is going to be covered up for 99% of the game by hats, though. :P

    1. I felt the same way a bit, in the beginning, but after a while it got better, as I got used to them. Hopefully that means it just takes a while to adjust to the changes (or maybe I've become blind to it)! XD

      But yeah, as you said, I guess most people will probably cover 'em up with hats anyways :D

    2. Simple fix: Add the tiniest bit of shading onto the forehead. Even if it's just a couple pixels at the top... You can add that to the hairstyle anyway instead of going through every single frame of character animation... not exactly sure what format you save the files in (.xnb? If so, no clue how they work :3), but if it works anything like Minecraft plants then they're drawn in black and white and have a colour applied over the top when picking the hair colour in the character creation screen, so maybe a translucent black pixel or two so that it doesn't get coloured?

      Anyway, aside from the wig-like-ness, very good job! Used to be reluctant about which style to pick, now I think I'd be fine with any of them :D

  2. I like the changes. I think it looks good, and, of course, matches the newer style better.