Haircut Reworks #2: Male

Time for the male haircuts to get reworked! Basically, it's all the same as with the female hairstyles: fixing issues with missing pixels and cleaning the shading up a bit, trying to make it less messy. 

Old Version:
Reworked Version:
Also, yes, I tagged these posts as being 'Equipment & Drops' mainly cause that's how we've classified the hairstyles in our systems... They're actually in the same folder as hats and facegears!

Now, you might think this would be the last part of reworking the haircuts but oh no... There's more action tomorrow, this time featuring palette edits! :D

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  1. Hey on the first row of hair style I've always seen it as a buzz cut african american hair style and I am of African decent and with the new version I feel it loses that appeal, leaving no real depiction of my ethnicity for the game.. aside from the hideous afro which is still hideous... it looks like rocks all over his head..

    1. I'm sorry you feel that way! :( We do plan to add a whole bunch of new hairstyles in the future, though, so hopefully there will be one that you like in the end!