In-Game Menu Titles Revamped!

The next thing I've been wanting to upgrade is the overall look and feel of the in-game menu. Last week I started a bit by upgrading the icons, today I continue by overhauling the Title boxes: 

Basically what I'm after is to add more color to the menu, which just feels overwhelmingly brown and boring right now. This is step one. The next step will be upgrading the character box, and then it's on to each of the content pages!

Here's what the character screen looks like right now, though without the new icons:

I think it's definitely a start! What about you? Do you agree, or do you think more brown = better? :)
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  1. I love the colorful background, but somehow i now find the text difficult to read.

    1. Yeah that's a bit of a concern we have! We'll see if more people agree, then perhaps we'll change the font or do some other changes :)

    2. Try doing the text in a color other than white? A rich gold, maybe? Or something else, I don't know. White doesn't work well with a lot of those.