Portrait of a Dr. Jones :o

So right before entering the time travel area, you'll be exploring some sort of cave system with traces of some old civilization, right? 

Well, a couple of days ago I thought that it'd be really cool to have some kind of adventurer type of guy appear there, and and other places with ruins & stuff (such as the desert). So I talked to the others about it and since they liked the idea I started working on his portrait!

And here it is: 

Line Art (I stole the hat from Mr. Westwood of Evergrind farm ^o^)

Color Blocking

Adding some shades~

Finished rendering!

Transformed into sprites :)

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  1. I like it. As always your work is excellent. I like the name too.

    If you do not mind me asking, what kind of tablet do you use?

    1. Thanks a ton :D
      I'm using Wacom's Intuos 4!

    2. Awesome, thanks! Keep up the good work!