Skill Info Revamp

Oh yeah! Yet another step of menu edits, this time it's what appears in the infobox to the left when you hover over a skill:

Mockup of the old and new skill info!

In the old version, you pretty much only knew what you had to pay to unlock a skill, and if you already spent some points on it, it'd say something vague like "damage+", indicating that using another skill point would increase the damage of the skill (duh).

In the new version, we've added some basic information about each of the spells, using a ranking system from 1-5. A skill with high damage output will have more points in damage, a spell that takes a long while to charge will have few points in speed, etc. Utility indicates if and how much a skill can be used utility wise, where skills that slow or freeze (for instance) will receive higher points than a pure dmg skill.

We're still playing around with this, but I think this, as well, is moving in the right direction (though I do get some kind of comic-sans feel from the font, but I believe it's rendered a bit differently ingame so here's to hoping it doesn't give off that vibe when it's actually implemented).
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