Skill Revamp

More menu upgrades! This time, I'm focusing on the skill window, because the headers over there are really old and really ugly:

Not super exciting, right? And again, SO MUCH BROWN! Time to change it up:

And here we have the end result:

My goal with these was for them to look a bit more like the Talent section, and to increase the color variety. Sure, there's still a lot of brown shades, but there's more contrast between them, and there are other colors as well. Also, with the help of the new, fancier headers, I think they look a lot more epic.

Now, you may notice there are some headers missing - I haven't made neither the Passive headers nor the Support ones yet. The reason for that is that we aren't really 100% sure how to proceed with them:

We haven't implemented a single passive yet, and it's likely that we never will, now that we have Talents instead. As for Support skills, we're currently discussing which ones we'd like to have (if we want to keep them at all), and in the end they may not be sorted the way they are now with "Defensive" and "Offensive" types. It all depends on what we come up with.

So, they will have to wait for now. :)
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